Twiddling Our Thumbs

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Are we nearly there yet? Sitting here in the wilds of Scotland with the rain battering against the windows, we are itching to start our new life. To give our employers more time to sort out staff to replace us, we gave 6 weeks notice rather than the required 4. The consequence of this is that we have been getting ready …

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Faithless – I Want More

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Some song lyrics really grab you and this song from Faithless brought home to me what was important in my life. In the song he talks to a person who has so much but still wants more. It includes the great line – ‘Shame your mind don’t shine like your possessions do’ What’s important to me are the simple things that …


A Fond Farewell

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With just over 2 weeks to go before we move on to our boat we both  used some of our time off to head to the hills, for what might be the last time before we leave the Cairngorms.


Choosing The Right Boat

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There are so many narrowboats out there to choose from. So how do you narrow the list down to a manageable size? For us, the issue was made more complicated as we lived in the north of Scotland and visiting a boat was a major expedition. To make it even harder we couldn’t get days off work at the same time. …