Leighton Buzzard to Marsworth Junction

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We have not travelled that far in the last three days, just 9 miles from near Leighton Buzzard to Marsworth Junction.

Saturday 25th March

Day off

We had a pleasant mooring, just 20 minutes walk from Leighton Buzzard, it is very busy though on such a  sunny day. Lots of people walking to the nearby pub as well as cyclists, runners and a steady stream of boats.

We joined the masses and walked in to LB, to have a look around and pick up my replacement solenoid. This has now been fitted and we are keeping our fingers crossed that it will solve the issue of the engine not always stopping when the ignition is turned off.

Sunday 26th March

Leighton Buzzard to Near Slapton

After getting a few jobs done in the morning, we decided to move along a few miles after lunch. At our first lock we had a good crowd and plenty of small helpers to open and close the gates. Angela did one gate by herself, the other one was done by 2 adults and 2 children. Pleased to say Angela won.

approaching Leighton Buzzard

Approaching Leighton Buzzard

We then took the opportunity of a Tesco being next to the canal and stocked up on heavy and bulky items. It was then on to the water point where we found that yet again the engine did not stop. Back to the drawing board.

More helpers at the next lock and then we got rid of the crowds. As we approached Church Lock another boat was passing, and I moved too close to the side causing me to go aground.

A moored boater threw me a line and tried to pull us off but that didn’t work. We then got assistance from another boater but only ended up moving backwards and getting stuck again. In the end we had to run some water through the lock and this lifted me just enough to set me free.

Our mooring tonight is just a 10 minute walk from Bridgeo Bridge, made famous as the bridge used during the Great Train Robbery in 1963.

bridgeo bridge

Bridgeo bridge AKA the train robbery bridge

Thanks to some advice on the Canalworld forum, I was pointed to a document relating to the Lister solenoid. Reading this I discovered the solution to the problem that has been plaguing us for several days. I won’t bore you with the details of the fix, but if you do want to know, this is the document. http://www.marineengine.co.uk/Fuel%20Control%20Solenoid.pdf

4.5 miles

3 locks

Monday 27th March

Near Slapton to Marsworth Junction

A cold and foggy start to the day today. This meant we would not be able to see the remnants of the chalk lion made when Whipsnade zoo opened. Not only could we not see this, we couldn’t even see the 757ft Ivinghoe Beacon.

unused arch

Unused arch. A second, narrow lock was once here

Most of the morning was spent hopping from lock to lock and by lunchtime we had done 9, as well as a swing bridge. Our original plan was to continue after lunch and do several locks on the Aylesbury arm but the sun was now shining and we decided that was enough for the day.


Instead we went for a walk round the local area and enjoyed the lovely weather.

The solenoid fix seems to have worked as the engine stopped every time today. Hope that’s not tempting fate.

For the next few days we are literally going out on a limb, as we explore the Aylesbury Arm and the Wendover Arm. Well we are passing, so it would be a shame not to.

4.5 miles

9 locks

1 swing bridge


160 miles

84 locks

1 tunnel

2 swing bridges

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