Boat upgrades – Nearly There

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Boat Upgrades – Nearly There Our boat fitter has finished his part of the boat upgrades. Now it’s down to us to get busy with the paintbrushes. The alterations to make the boatman’s cabin more practical have been completed. The original bench seating could also be used as a short single bed but in two years it has never been …

Boat Upgrades – Work so Far

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Over the last couple of weeks we have been having some boat upgrades on Tumbleweed. The main areas we wanted to change were the carpet and vinyl flooring, as this was as old as the boat and well past its best. We also wanted to improve the kitchen with better worktops and a new sink. Of course this escalated into …

Chimney Overboard

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Laying in bed this morning we suddenly heard a noise. What was that ? After investigation, we realised that our chimney and cowl had been blown into the river. A few days ago we had removed it for cleaning the flue and must have not put it back on securely. I tried using the big magnet that we keep for our …

Steve and Angela

Our First Birthday

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Today is our first birthday. It was one year ago today that we moved aboard our narrowboat and started our new life. Coincidentally its also my 100th blog post. It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were driving down from Scotland with our car full of possessions. What were we letting ourselves in for ? were we making a …

Jabsco Par-max4 pump

Water Pump Repair

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Today I attempted a water pump repair on our Jabsco Par-Max4 freshwater pump. Ever since we have been on the boat the pump has taken several seconds before it kicks in. I felt sure it was out of devilment, as there was usually not quite enough water to fill a glass. You would then wait for the pump to kick …

shiny brass

Cleaning, Polishing and Painting

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Before we moved onto the boat, it had been stood for about 4 months and since then we seem to have spent most of our spare time cleaning, polishing, varnishing and painting. There is something satisfying about making dull brasswork shine and polishing all the paintwork. The boat is now looking much better, though our hands seem to be perpetually dirty …