Stopping Blogging

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We are still enjoying our travels but after nearly three years, I have decided to stop writing my blog. I don’t really have the desire to write to other people about our travels any more. I have been keeping a daily personal journal for several months, which I am finding much more rewarding. Maybe I will return in the future.  

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2016 Vital Statistics for another year afloat

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2016 Vital Statistics That’s another year afloat completed and so I sat down to work out our 2016 vital statistics. We had 10 trips away ranging from one day to one week. Miles travelled – 294 Hours – 110 Locks – 5 Totals since we moved aboard in September 2014. Miles – 780 Hours – 345 Locks – 186 (less …

Moored at Ely

Another Year With Tumbleweed

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Another Year With Tumbleweed. It’s been another enjoyable year with Tumbleweed. Here are some of our monthly highlights. January – No trips away on the boat, instead a weekend in a hotel. With Market Harborough and the Foxton flight nearby, we had to get our fix of canals. February – A rare bit of snow March – Out at last, …

Getting Ready for Winter

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Getting Ready for Winter Out in East Anglia, the weather is still warmer than normal and for the last few months we have had very little rain. However Winter feels like it’s not far away. This morning for the first time, I needed my torch to get from the boat to the car. New Chimney Earlier this year we lost …

August Catchup

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It’s been several weeks since I wrote a blog post so I thought it about time that I did a quick catch up. August Catchup The big event in August was our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Where does the time go? Add on another 2 years that we lived together before we got married and I start to think ‘surely I’m …

More Boat Jobs Done

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We have been using the good weather to get a few more boat jobs done. There has always been a certain amount of rust in a few areas of the boat and we wanted to get them all sorted out this year. The lockers in the well deck, an area in the engine room next to the engine and the …

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Time for a New Adventure

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We are just starting a weeks holiday and thankfully the weather looks to be improving a bit, just in time. We have had numerous days with very heavy downpours and the river level has been very high for about 2 weeks. The small flood plain between the boat pontoons and the flood bank has been doing its job as the …