Captain Tolley's

Captain Tolley to the rescue

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We recently found we had a leak during a day of heavy rain. It was first noticed when all the paperwork that I had left on the dinette seating became damp. Closer inspection revealed that it was dripping down behind the wall panel and seeping its way through the wood underneath the gunwale. I ventured out in to the pouring …

near Kegworth

Getting Jobs Done

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With our journey to our new home marina in Cambridgeshire fast approaching, we have been busy getting a number of jobs done. As previously posted, we have had a one to one engine service done with RCR. Following the inevitable drips from changing the oil and fuel filter I have put new bilge pads underneath the engine so I can …

Jabsco Par-max4 pump

Water Pump Repair

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Today I attempted a water pump repair on our Jabsco Par-Max4 freshwater pump. Ever since we have been on the boat the pump has taken several seconds before it kicks in. I felt sure it was out of devilment, as there was usually not quite enough water to fill a glass. You would then wait for the pump to kick …