Steve and Angela

We are Steve and Angela and we live on our narrowboat Tumbleweed No5.

We had talked about buying a boat for years but it never quite happened.

We had done loads of research and looked at all the facts and figures and knew more about toilets than was normal. Still it never quite happened as there always seemed a reason (excuse) to not make the move.

We have made several big decisions in our life and never regretted doing them. We always said if it doesn’t work out we can always do something else instead, so why should living on a boat be any different.

Tumbleweed No5 at Atherstone

So that was it…. decision made. Before we knew it we had a boat and a place to moor at and had handed our notices in.


So from the 15th of September 2014 we became live aboard boaters.

This blog is all about our life afloat, we hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Hello and thank you for the Wordsworth poem! We’ve added your boat and names to our list of boaters and included your blog in our boater’s blog roll so whenever you post something new it will show up on our blog.
    Happy boating!
    Jaq and Les Biggs
    NB Valerie

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