Ely waterfront moorings

A Late Decision to Sail to Ely

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A Late Decision Angela was working 12 hour shifts at the weekend but I had a long weekend booked, and was thinking about what to do. The weather was looking decent, so on Friday I made a late decision to have a weekend away. I decided to single hand the boat to Ely on Saturday and aim to moor on the …


Getting Ready for Winter

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Getting Ready for Winter Out in East Anglia, the weather is still warmer than normal and for the last few months we have had very little rain. However Winter feels like it’s not far away. This morning for the first time, I needed my torch to get from the boat to the car. New Chimney Earlier this year we lost …


Boat upgrades – Nearly There

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Boat Upgrades – Nearly There Our boat fitter has finished his part of the boat upgrades. Now it’s down to us to get busy with the paintbrushes. The alterations to make the boatman’s cabin more practical have been completed. The original bench seating could also be used as a short single bed but in two years it has never been …


Boat Upgrades – Work so Far

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Over the last couple of weeks we have been having some boat upgrades on Tumbleweed. The main areas we wanted to change were the carpet and vinyl flooring, as this was as old as the boat and well past its best. We also wanted to improve the kitchen with better worktops and a new sink. Of course this escalated into …

Eating out at Ely

August Catchup

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It’s been several weeks since I wrote a blog post so I thought it about time that I did a quick catch up. August Catchup The big event in August was our Silver Wedding Anniversary. Where does the time go? Add on another 2 years that we lived together before we got married and I start to think ‘surely I’m …

5 miles from Anywhere

Six Miles From Anywhere

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Six Miles from Anywhere It was another weekend when Angela wasn’t working and there was also a good weather forecast. Not wanting to miss this combination we headed off on Saturday morning with a loose plan. If we could get a mooring in Ely, away from the pubs, we would spend the night there. If this didn’t work we would …

painting gas locker

More Boat Jobs Done

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We have been using the good weather to get a few more boat jobs done. There has always been a certain amount of rust in a few areas of the boat and we wanted to get them all sorted out this year. The lockers in the well deck, an area in the engine room next to the engine and the …

riverview mooring

Back Home Again

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Having moored at the end of the River Wissey, it was time to slowly head back home again. After staying dry since we left home on Sunday we finally got some rain on Friday morning. It didn’t last long but it did wait until Angela went to dispose of the rubbish and had no coat with her. Within 30 minutes …

Grange Farm Wissey

End of the Wissey

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Our plan today was to continue to the end of the Wissey river. The water level had dropped overnight to the extent that our neighbouring boat was aground and on a bit of a lean. No such problem for us though and we were soon on our way out of Hilgay. As soon as we left the village we left …

Wissey sign

Up the River Wissey

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Having spent the last couple of days on the Little Ouse, it was time to tick off our final river in the area, as we headed up to the River Wissey. First though we had to travel back down the Little Ouse for a couple of hours and stop off at the Little Ouse Moorings to fill up with diesel. …